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It's been raining all week. The country is waterlogged and much of the central area has been flooded to some degree. No fatalities but property damage has been considerable and traffic is a mere crawl on most days. I never thought I could get tired of thunder and rain but, honestly, I'd be thankful for a week of sunshine.
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Went to sleep with a headache.
Woke up with a headache.
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  • That my dad's health problems can be resolved with diet and exercise.
  • Loving, curious, naughty doxies.
  • New projects at work.
  • Great workouts at the gym.
  • Cheesy Lifehouse love songs.
  • Warm showers.
  • Krawk Island winning the Altador Cup on Neopets * cough * Yes, I'm a geek.
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Last week we got a last minute ticket to the biggest football show in the world! The country has been squeeing and celebrating ever since and I have the missed drunk dialed calls on my phone to prove it. Last thursday was even a holiday to welcome the team home from Bahrain.

I expect we'll get our asses handed to us unless we get a few weak teams in our group. I'm hoping we can draw at least one game, that wouldn't be so bad for a first attempt. I'm also hoping we'll be in a group with Italy, wishful thinking. But, forza T&T and onward to the ninth of December!

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I updated my user info, polished nails read The Tell-Tale Heart and texted friend for her birthday. I'm so lazy it scares me. That story always makes my blood run cold; I keep imagining the old man shivering in the dark, knowing something embodying all his fears was in the room with him.

We just had a mini storm with an innordinate amount of thunder. Surprisingly, the rain poured down afterward; it rarely rains heavily here when the thunder shows off. It made me restless and this is bad because I need to work on some notes for a meeting on Tuesday. The thunder's still rattling around and poor Azzurri is camped under the bed.

I was going through my old files the other day and I found some images of Alice Aycock's and Judy Chicago's work.

I really want to see these pieces in person )

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Dear religious fundies everywhere,

Birth control helps prevent abortions.

No love,


P.S: Jesus thinks you're stupid.

Le Sigh!

Jul. 27th, 2005 11:23 pm
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  • Too much work.
  • Miss FL and online family. * cuddles *
  • My lazy little Milan boys won * cuddles them * Goals by HSCV, Gila and Serginho. Chicago Fire had a goal by some guy, don't recall his name.
  • We have three good GKs.
  • Need bed.
  • I plan to look into sterilisation, as I said to my dog the last time she was in heat, "No babies!"
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Sounds less fun than "snow day," doesn't it? But you work with what you're given. I rose at 4: 45 am and trudged up to the city like a good little worker bee, braving rain and flood waters only to be sent home again. Got back at 9:30 and was pleasantly surprised to find the Sci-Fi channel running an X-Files marathon.

The storm is over for now, for us, it's still battering Grenada. We had flooding and minor landslides but they've been more of an inconvenience than a danger. Still, we're at the start of a busy storm season and I'm definitely getting prepared this year; I found a store where I can get a first aid kit, mini fire extiniguisher and flash light for about $200.00

Back to the X-files and a lovely Danish-Italian-Swedish plotbunny * huggles FL * Spam later, perhaps.

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Click here. )

No, you stupid breeder, your brother wasn't a father, he was a fucking sperm donor. Fathers aren't cowardly asses who use their babies as human shields! What happened to the baby was cruel, all that happened to your brother was that a really late term abortion finally caught up with him.

Not so wee T-Storm Emily has, thus far, remained a tropical storm. There's a wind up but not as bad as it could be. It's still nerve wracking, especially when you remember that Ivan the Terrible went from a category one to category three in less than three hours and then the bastard ended up a category five.

Edit! Emily is now a category one hurricane.

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It's difficult to believe that any members of your own species can find mass murder an acceptable solution to a greviance. I'm glad my FL Londoners are safe!
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The best thing about early rising is the way the day seems to stretch out before one. This is my day in point form, so far.

  • Finished breakfast before eight o' clock.
  • Read more of Agatha Christie's Evil Under the Sun. Arlena Marshall has just been killed and Poiroit and Scotland Yard are checking on alibis.
  • Browsed fl and been far too lazy to comment on the things that interested me.
  • Checked to see if any of stories on Night Gallery were new to me. At the moment they are showing the one with the budding, pigtailed sociopath and the creature from the black lagoon.
  • Checked to see how Azzurri was handling the monsoon like rains and the thunder. She was curled up under a low table. I feel sorry for her but I can't  pick her up when she's anxious because I'll be reinforcing the anxiety and keeping her scared. She seemed comfortable enough and I gave her one of her cookies.
  • I just commented a bit, yay!

Things I will accomplish today!

  • Type up Paolo/Sandro drabble.
  • Post pics to [livejournal.com profile] cult_of_maldini
  • Introduce self to those communities I've been a member of forever.
  • Tidy up house.
  • Reshelve books.
  • Laundry.
  • Beg for icons.
  • Play roller coaster tycoon or watch Underworld.

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