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It was the episode where Cartman drugs Butters with cold meds during a sleepover and takes a picture of himself with Butters' anatomy in his mouth. He takes the photo to his buddies to show how gay it makes Butters look but his friends inform him that it makes him look gay and stupid. Butters is tricked into saying he's Bi-Curious and ends up at a scared straight camp. Cartman ends up showing the photo during his class' Show and Tell.

I think I'm too young for South Park.

Btw, what is this March Madness crap and why is it getting in the way of new episodes of Criminal Minds?

Watching 16 and Pregnant has convinced me that birth control devices need to be implanted in both sexes once puberty begins. I'm honestly hoping that the show searches for the dumbest couples it can find to amp up the drama potential.

Law and Order SVU needs to resolve the Benson/Stabler UST. I have two suggestions: Elliot's wife divorces him, the woman's gotten the short end of the stick for years, and he and Liv slowly explore a relationship. Or Elliot gets very drunk and emo and sleeps with Liv who becomes pregnant. Liv takes some personal time when she finds out  - 2 months or so - and meets Mr. Right. Elliot realises the baby is his but steps back and lets Liv be happy with Mr. Right.

I'm wondering what it must be like to be a fan of a team like Cagliari where a draw or even a goal against a top side is cause for jubilation. When Milan wins I feel an overwhelming sense of relief. I long to feel joy again.


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