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I was wrong! First season Mulder and Scully are so kyooot!!11!eleventyone! 

  • I want to adopt them and build them a big, tacky, overdone nursery decorated with black oil and EBEs.
  • I want to pack them tenderly into a SUV double wide stroller. I will of course ram the stroller into other people's legs and demand that they admire my pwecious agents.
  • I want to buy them exorbitantly priced outfits that they will ruin or outgrow within weeks
  • I want to watch dotingly and indulgently as they rampage through public places in their search for The Truth.
  • I want to throw huge entitlement-fits if anyone dares to stifle "teh creativity" and "self expression" of my baybee agents.
  • I want to condescendingly and smugly tell perfect strangers, "ohhh, you'll change your mind" when they say they don't want ickle myrakul baybee agents from Gawd. If stated online I shall, of course, type like this "ull chnge ur mined."

But seriously, first season X-Files is love! Especially the pilot! Scully is such a college girl in that episode with her breathy voice and glasses. I was studying for my A-Levels when the show first aired and I missed a lot of the first season, thank God for DVDs. The trust, friendship and even love develop so quickly and realistically between them. And the lines..."Careful Mulder, or I'll hurt you like that beast woman!"

I need X-Files icons.

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Sounds less fun than "snow day," doesn't it? But you work with what you're given. I rose at 4: 45 am and trudged up to the city like a good little worker bee, braving rain and flood waters only to be sent home again. Got back at 9:30 and was pleasantly surprised to find the Sci-Fi channel running an X-Files marathon.

The storm is over for now, for us, it's still battering Grenada. We had flooding and minor landslides but they've been more of an inconvenience than a danger. Still, we're at the start of a busy storm season and I'm definitely getting prepared this year; I found a store where I can get a first aid kit, mini fire extiniguisher and flash light for about $200.00

Back to the X-files and a lovely Danish-Italian-Swedish plotbunny * huggles FL * Spam later, perhaps.

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