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Ah footie journalists, you skeevy bunch of fair weather bum lickers!

Good football last night.

People who try to cause drama in the office deserve a beating with therapy pillows and exile to the supply closet.

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I'm failing at trying to have a positive attitude, I know.  But, I'm sick of work drama! I dread the inevitable bitch fest that's going to explode over the mysteriously missing Samsung Slide. I'm also dreading the travesty that will be tomorrow's strategic planning meeting.

My boss, the director, has a workshop tomorrow and can't chair the meeting. You'd think six managers and a few co-ordinators could hammer out a strat plan on their own, yes? Wrong! With no one above them to keep them on track they'll be whining about current issues in the department instead of working out what we're going to do long term. Current issues are important but the strat plan is due on May 19th; the lowly co-ordinators, myself included, have to put it together before then and get the director to vett it. We'll be scrambling to finish like last year because the managers believe that sort of thing isn't their job. How the hell can planning and budgeting for one's own department not be part of a manager's job? Feh, I say! Feh!

I have no opinions on the Serie A title race or the evil scandal. As for Sheva...if he wants to go then let him go, for a top price and no exchanges. It's Jaap and Rui I'm going to miss. * clings *

That should be enough bitching for one night.

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