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I've been watching news footage of that awful storm all morning. I hope all European friend listers are all right.
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I updated my user info, polished nails read The Tell-Tale Heart and texted friend for her birthday. I'm so lazy it scares me. That story always makes my blood run cold; I keep imagining the old man shivering in the dark, knowing something embodying all his fears was in the room with him.

We just had a mini storm with an innordinate amount of thunder. Surprisingly, the rain poured down afterward; it rarely rains heavily here when the thunder shows off. It made me restless and this is bad because I need to work on some notes for a meeting on Tuesday. The thunder's still rattling around and poor Azzurri is camped under the bed.

I was going through my old files the other day and I found some images of Alice Aycock's and Judy Chicago's work.

I really want to see these pieces in person )

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Sounds less fun than "snow day," doesn't it? But you work with what you're given. I rose at 4: 45 am and trudged up to the city like a good little worker bee, braving rain and flood waters only to be sent home again. Got back at 9:30 and was pleasantly surprised to find the Sci-Fi channel running an X-Files marathon.

The storm is over for now, for us, it's still battering Grenada. We had flooding and minor landslides but they've been more of an inconvenience than a danger. Still, we're at the start of a busy storm season and I'm definitely getting prepared this year; I found a store where I can get a first aid kit, mini fire extiniguisher and flash light for about $200.00

Back to the X-files and a lovely Danish-Italian-Swedish plotbunny * huggles FL * Spam later, perhaps.

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And it's only Wednesday! We were sent home at noon today because of tropical storm Emily. Traffic is not a bitch today, it's the skanky, crack whore who slept with the bitch's boyfriend. -_-

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