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While I probably will never click a link leading to "the Davids" or Torres/Random Spaniard slash, I do admire the perseverance and discipline of folks who can produce twenty chapters of said Spanish slash.
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But dear Italian football, how you do bring the man love. Picture it, Napoli's home stadium 2009, a game against Milan; a sweet young Napoli thing not only gives Andrea Pirlo a welcoming hug but massages his neck and walks up the tunnel steps snuggled against him.

Ooooh, nice shot of Sandro promising to string everyone up by the short and curlies if they don't get with the program.

Please don't let us mess up.

Oh, PIPPO, you ninth world wonder!

Bloody hell, BABY DUCK!

NOOOOOO, he wouldn't come off unless it was serious.

And the downward spiral begins. Still it could be worse than a draw.

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