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It's been raining all week. The country is waterlogged and much of the central area has been flooded to some degree. No fatalities but property damage has been considerable and traffic is a mere crawl on most days. I never thought I could get tired of thunder and rain but, honestly, I'd be thankful for a week of sunshine.
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Sundays are very dull, especially rainy Sundays. I love a good thunder shower but three times a day, everyday is a bit much for anyone. Bad weather for long holidays, especially on an island. The long school vacation should be around Easter time when the weather is best.

The rain can be tiresome but there's something about the wet, grey light that brings out the natural beauty of the Caribbean. Sometimes, in the sunlight the colours are so harsh and bright that it's almost painful to look at them.

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is on TCM! That musical kills, all those alphabetical brothers in their colour co-ordinated shirts doing a pioneer ballet.

I need a new layout...any ideas?

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