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MILAN - A.C. Milan communicate that the footballer Alessandro Nesta was subjected to the reduction of a small fracture in his nasal bones by dr. Paolo Marconi. The Rossoneri player will be regularly available for tomorrow's training, ahead of the match in Naples.

From Football Italia:

“It's a wonderful night and a new thing for me - I never score! We had to win tonight to latch on to fourth place, so it all went well,” smiled the veteran."

And he's a well mannered boy who thinks of others:

“Dida was fantastic, he saved the game for us tonight. If we'd conceded then, we would've lost, no doubt.”

His coach thinks he's all that and a bag of chips:

“As for Nesta, what more can I say? He has become far more than a player for us and he's indescribable. He needs a halo at the moment.

“He started this season not really knowing if he would ever play again. That is a very big thing to have in a players' mind and it shines through in his performances, as he gives everything he's got.

Kind words from Uncle Fester:

“As for Nesta, he is fantastic. After the injury and the risk to his career, he has changed. He has improved a lot as a man.
“Today we can say that he is even better than the already brilliant Nesta before the injury,” Galliani concluded.

Even The Guardian was kind while getting in their digs (can't really blame them):

"I never score," exclaimed Nesta after the final whistle had blown, but even then to focus only on his goals would be to overlook his greater contribution. As he has been all season, Nesta was the foundation stone around which the whole team was built, his understanding of the game and enduring speed allowing him to compensate for team-mates' shortcomings.

I have a feeling those folk who don't have Milan and Alessandro Nesta in their lives are vaguely amused at the rapture of those of us that do.
You lot are just lucky I'M NOT STILL ALL CAPSLOCKY! I think in the deepest, darkest corners of our hearts many Milan fans feared that he might hang up his boots in favour of a quiet, pain free life. To see him back to his old forward chivvying, defense organizing, griping, sliding tackling self is like having all our birthdays come at once. At one message board I visit male posters are even offering their bums in honour of his greatness. As though Alessandro Nesta wouldn't have better fish to fry!  ;D Still, it's probably good for morale.

Leo: Bwahahahaha, for my next trick I clone him!

Damn, does this mean we're out of a job now?

Let me get back to you on that!
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