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I think I feel a bit "piggy in the middle" like Andrea and Gila; the enthusiasm is lovely, really, but a bit overwhelming. Voy a jugar "Scene It" con los estudiantes de mi escuela. Son de paises diferentes de Latinoamerica. Manana tendremos neustro examen final. Estoy nerviosa. You can't learn off examples of grammar and sentence construction like poetry or you get rigid. I'm familiar with my tenses and my grammar rules but stupid little things in sentence constructions trip me up sometimes; is "a" or "en," "por" or "para" for instance.

This experience has taught me that I want to keep learning languages. Just in the region people speak French and Dutch as well as English and Spanish. I loved French my first year of high school but my teachers in second and third form killed it off completely. In third form we had Mrs. Alert, one of the school deans who would nod off during morning assembly. Lovely woman but uninspiring teacher. I can remember her greetings us "Bonjour, mes eleves" in her heavy, sing song voice and asking us about the weather. We'd chorus, "Il fait beau et chaud, extreme chaud!" I don't remember what we said when it was raining.

We used "D'accord!" each year, sort of like the Standard Book of Spells with the degree of difficulty increasing every year. They featured the same French family - Monsieur et Madame Marsaud, Marie France, Jean Claude et Claudette. I wonder what their fate eventually was.

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