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Apart from the bad luck of losing Canna; Oddo and Pippo not being selected due to injury and Sandro and Totters retiring (yes Sandro's usually sidelined by his wonky but v. hot body but he's usually an option for the first two games)

Frankly Donadoni needs his head examined.

  1. That formation was a mind bogglingly poor choice against a team as quick as the Dutch.
  2. Luca Toni is at his best up front alone.
  3. Di Natale? Camaronesi? * shudders * He would have done better to start Cassano.
  4. Ambrosini - I love him to death but De Rossi would have been miles the better choice against the Dutch.
We will be astoundingly lucky to make it out of the group. Even without the injuries we're still a team in major transition and not yet at the standard of the 2006 WC team. No shame in it, really.

Congratulations to the Dutch.

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