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Thanks to Milan doing the needful on Saturday my tummy is not roiling and my nerves remain un-jangled. It certainly helped that so many Samp boys were suspended but I think the win owed more to great football from Milan. Hopefully, all the industrious skipping about bodes well for the coming week's CL fixture.

I finished rereading The Sword of Shannara and began The Elfstones of Shannara again. I should substitute "ploughing through" for reading. There's no character in the Shannara triology that I can latch on to and care about. Terry Brooks tried for a "Fellowship" feel (in some places you feel that he must have been writing with Tolkien Cliffnotes beside him) but it's difficult to believe these Dwarves, Elves and Men really are working together to save their homelands. I'm beginning to truly loathe Allanon all over again. Every time he calls Amberle, "Elven girl," I'm hoping she replies, "Does Amberle have to choke a bitch?" Alas!

I must confess that I watched Genoa-Parma solely for the opportunity of catching a close up of Davide Lanzafame. Purty, ain't he?

I learned that there is a surprising lot of good hair on the Parma squad. I'm hoping to find pictures later. But, honestly, what had me giggling all through the match was this

Gasperini of Genoa = +

Anyway, darlings, the Rome derby is on; De Rossi's in a mask and Totters looks like he's growing his hair out.

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