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I put you through no trials today you had not already faced before the Christmas break. Stop acting as though you're going to give out on me! Should you persist I will be forced to take you back to the gym tomorrow. SATURDAY!

Less love than usual,


Dearest [ profile] calzamante  and [ profile] leetje  your cards arrived two days ago, thank you!! They'd been mistakenly delivered to the neighbours who were away over Christmas. The address was perfectly clear on both envelopes and I suspect we have a new mail carrier.
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Been writing out cards and came to realise I never did a post this year.  If I had your address in 2005/06 and was reasonably sure you were still there then a card is on its way - I'm doing a mix of post cards and greeting cards this year. If I don't have your address and you'd still like one please respond with your address to this post. Comments are screened.

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